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The bad news: Your voice gets older, too.

But there's also good news, too.

While most voices change with age and circumstances, there are things you can do that can help to mitigate those changes and keep your voice strong and reliable for many years.

In this article, numerous well-known pop artists with long careers were asked about their own routines for keeping their voices healthy and strong, even after decades of singing in public. Not surprising, vocal health starts with overall attention to physical health for many of them. Several indicated that sleep and regular exercise were essential to their vocal routines. Here's my gentle nudge to you to take extra care, especially now during this very busy season, to sleep well, hydrate well, exercise, and practice good hygiene to lessen your exposure to germs that might make you sick. The bonus is that taking good care of yourself can really help you feel good about yourself and your voice. Think of it as a gift to yourself!

Another thing mentioned was eliminating or avoiding bad habits, like smoking and excessive alcohol. I'd add that any triggers you might have that could cause acid reflux should be eliminated, if possible. Ideally, we want to create the best possible set up for success. Yes, this might mean that you have to avoid the triple pepper salsa with the sriracha bourbon chaser for dinner most nights, but if it also eliminates vocal troubles, you might find it to be worth it.

I do want to add a caveat that life is uncertain. Many singers have faced vocal troubles that have stemmed from no fault of their own. If you are using your voice professionally, you are an athlete, and sometimes athletes get hurt, even with the best of training and hygiene. And sometimes tough things happen when a singer is in a car accident, or gets a chronic illness, or has a traumatic injury that causes a vocal injury that cannot be avoided. In these situations, I want to assure you that you are not a broken singer, and your voice is still valuable because it belongs to you. The recovery process can be long and uncertain, but there are guides, like me, that can help you along the way. There's a lot that goes into recovery and rehabilitation, so talking it out with someone who is familiar with that road can be helpful. If you've got questions, send me a message and let's talk about it!

With good vocal technique, good overall attention to your physical health, and a good team of people to help you, you have a great shot at having a reliable and strong voice for a lifetime. If you would like to either develop or tweak your own vocal routine, give me a call. We can set up some drop-in sessions or try a Perfect Fit Package to see if the studio membership is right for you. I've got options that can fit your lifetime vocal goals. Wishing you a great holiday season with excellent voice care, and a lifetime of fulfilling singing!

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