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Pedagogy Happy Hour is the easiest way to learn practical pedagogy in a way that fits into your schedule. 

Each month you receive:

  • Expert pedagogy content in a fun and accessible online class.

  • A safe space to ask all your questions ​

  • Actionable tips and strategies that make a difference in your teaching right now. 

  • Graduate-level pedagogy in one hour, at an affordable price!

  • Handouts or downloads, if applicable

  • Can't make it live? No problem! You'll get a link to the recording.

It's the continuing education you needin one hour each month, right on your computer.

So grab your favorite beverage and a notepad,
settle down in your comfy pants,
and learn more about the voice!

This month's topic:

Working with Mature Voices


Mature singers are some of my favorite clients to work with. Many of them are singing for enjoyment and for enrichment in their lives, which is such a wonderful reason to sing.


And of course some singers are still performing at high levels. Those singers are inspiring to me to keep working on my own voice so I have the best chance to keep singing at my best for as long as possible.


Mature voices have different needs than younger singers, but most voice teachers with pedagogy training were not taught about the comprehensive needs of older voices. There's so much we can do to help our mature clients to sing at their best and to feel good about singing. The first step is understanding how voices change as we age.

We'll talk about the unique challenges teachers can face with older voices, tips for addressing them, when it's time to send a client for outside help, and some ideas for encouraging singers who are dealing with the very real emotions that can come with change. 

Registration is open now and limited to 25 participants, so save your spot soon!


This month's Pedagogy Resource Roundup:
In addition to what you'll get at the webinar, these things can help you get started.

Questions for my Vocal Well Visit

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