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You are an amazing teacher!

And you know a lot of stuff.
But sometimes there are some super sticky problems that come up that need a bit of extra help.

I'm here for you!

You can think of me as your buddy sidekick, or Charlie to your Charlie's Angels, or Q to your James Bond. I'm here to support you as you're working to serve your client in the best way you can.
Because of my training, I come with a different skill set that can help to tackle a problem from a different angle. Look to the column on the right to see how we might be able to make it work. And contact me with your questions.
What does collaboration look like?

Basically, it can be whatever you need it to be.

The most important thing is that your student gets what he or she needs.

Some ways we can work together include:

  • a chat between you and I

  • joining you and your student during a lesson to observe and offer my thoughts

  • joint teaching lessons

  • working with your student for a specified period of time

  • any combination of these things

Because voice work is personal, I know that what is needed may vary from student to student, and so after our initial consultation I will develop a personalized proposal for you and your student. If we agree, then we'll move forward. I unfortunately cannot give an estimation of cost until after the initial consultation.

Our first step is to talk. Book an initial call to get the ball rolling.

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