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I want to get started. What's the first step?

Send me a message through the Contact Me page or book a free Discovery Call. We'll talk about your vocal history, your dreams and goals, and how your voice is doing right now. After we talk, I'll send you options that I think will best suit your needs. My number one priority is to guide you to the perfect fit. For that reason, I take a lot of time to make sure I can give you the best recommendation.

What is a "boutique studio" and how can it work for me?

This studio model allows me the opportunity to best serve my clients by offering highly customized instruction in a warm, welcoming, and fun environment. Because I am very selective about the clients I accept, I can ensure that I give a high level of customer service to each studio member. This is no cookie-cutter studio!

What is a studio membership, and how is it different from regular voice lessons?

You are much more than just a client. You are a member of the studio community. That means you get benefits that go far beyond just our time together.


Members will have access to special events and exclusive perks, such as highly flexible scheduling, online support outside of sessions, and a teacher who is constantly working for you through continuing education, networking with industry professionals, and business training.


Plus, I work hard to make sure coming to your sessions is the highlight of your day by offering snacks and beverages, an adoring fan in Dooey the studio dog, and work that is both challenging and fun. It's like a spa day for your voice!

What types of clients do you work with? How do I know you're the right teacher for my needs?

THIS is such an important question!


Your voice and your goals are uniquely yours, and so you need the best guide you can get to help you reach those goals. In order to set you up for success, I carefully screen each client through a multi-step process that will give us the opportunity to get to know one another, dig into the goals you have, and try things out. It might look different for you, but it starts with a Discovery Call, then a trial period, and then an invitation to become a studio member. While I know I'm an excellent teacher, I also know I'm not a perfect fit for every potential client. At any point of our screening process if I feel I'm not the best teacher for you, I will recommend another of my excellent colleagues who will better be able to serve your needs.

I've been diagnosed with vocal nodes (or polyps or something else). Can I get my voice back? How long will it take?

When the voice is injured, many different factors can influence the recovery, such as other underlying issues, adherance with the treatment protocol, and client expectations. No one can completely predict how the recovery will go, and it is possible recovery will not be completely like it was before the injury. However, I can assure you that I will do my utmost to give you the tools to redevelop a consistent and reliable vocal technique that can help you enjoy singing again.

I want to take lessons, but I live in a different city or it's really hard to get to you. Do you offer online sessions?

Yes! You'll need a reliable internet connection, a good microphone and webcam, and an adventurous spirit. Sometimes online lessons can take a bit of adjustment, but many students have found them to be just what they need to fit into their schedule.

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