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How do I schedule a Perfect Fit Package?

Send me a message through the Contact Me page or call 417.319.7735. Sessions are scheduled depending on availability and are first-come, first served. More information on the Perfect Fit Sessions can be found here.

What happens during the Perfect Fit Sessions? Can't you decide in one lesson if it will work?

During the Perfect Fit Sessions, I will ask questions about your background and your goals, and then we will make music together! If you are exploring voice lessons, bring something you feel comfortable singing to the first session. If you are exploring piano lessons and have something to play, bring that. Together we'll choose a couple of things to work on for the remaining three sessions. I will give you ample opportunities to ask any questions you have.


Why don't I offer only one trial lesson? Simply put, one session  is rarely enough time to know if we will work well together. By taking our time, you get the opportunity to work on new songs or pieces with me and get a sense of my teaching style, and I will get a sense of what your goals will be and your commitment level. At the end of those four sessions, we then decide whether to continue together or if a local colleague might be a better match. I don't accept every student, and not every student decides to continue, and that's okay! By committing to this time together, we agree to take the time to make the best decision possible. Payment is due when you schedule the first session and fees are non-refundable.

I've never had voice lessons before. What will it be like?

Voice lessons can be different for every person. You can expect at every session I will ask how your voice is feeling that day, go over any concerns you have, and we will do vocal exercises together. We will then spend most of the remaining time working on repertoire. Throughout the sessions we will also explore music theory and vocal anatomy.

I've been diagnosed with vocal nodes (or polyps or something else). Can I get my voice back? How long will it take?

When the voice is injured, many different factors can influence the recovery, such as other underlying issues, adherance with the treatment protocol, and client expectations. No one can completely predict how the recovery will go, and it is possible recovery will not be completely like it was before the injury. However, I can assure you that I will do my utmost to give you the tools to redevelop a consistent and reliable vocal technique that can help you enjoy singing again.

How old should my child be to start voice or piano lessons?

This depends on many factors, and I would encourage you to call and have a conversation with me about your child and his or her goals.

What kinds of music do you teach?

I am comfortable and knowledgeable in many genres. If you have a particular style you'd like to explore, tell me about it during your Perfect Fit Sessions.

How can private theory lessons help me get ready for college?

Collegiate music study is much more than just singing or playing well. A music degree will prepare you to be a professional musician as an educator, performer, technician, or other avenue. About half of the freshman that enter college as a music major will change their major by the end of the first semester, and many of them change because they are not prepared for the work outside of the studio lessons. Private lessons in theory and aural skills can help you to shore up any skills that you will need to be successful as a music major. These private sessions can be individualized to your particular needs.

I want to take lessons, but I live in a different city or it's really hard to get to you. Do you offer online sessions?

Yes! You'll need a reliable DSL connection, a good microphone and webcam, and an adventurous spirit. Sometimes online lessons can take a bit of adjustment, but many students have found them to be just what they need to fit into their schedule. Tuition is the same whether sessions are in person or online.

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