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What is a Vocologist?

I'm so glad you asked!

A vocologist is a voice professional, such as a voice teacher, speech language pathologist, or a laryngologist, who has received specialized training in the complex workings of the voice. Many vocologists work as a part of a team of professionals, including doctors, SLPs, and other voice teachers to help clients achieve their best voice.


While most voice teachers are wonderful at helping clients develop good technique and performance practices, most teacher training programs do not address how to work with voices that have been diagnosed or are at great risk for vocal injuries. This kind of work requires knowledge of the tissues of the larynx and pharynx, and the particular etiologies of different pathologies (nodes vs. polyps, for instance). My extensive training has given me the knowledge to work with these special cases with confidence.

While no two singers are the same, so too are voice injuries. No one can guarantee outcomes, but we can all work together to find the best results. For further questions, please see my FAQ page or contact me.

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