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What is a Vocologist?

I'm so glad you asked!

A vocologist is a voice professional, such as a voice teacher, speech language pathologist, or a laryngologist, who has received specialized training in the complex workings of the voice. Many vocologists work as a part of a team of professionals, including doctors, SLPs, and other voice teachers to help clients achieve their best voice.


In other words, I get to use all of the nerdy knowledge that I've gained over the years to dig deep into problems singers encounter, and find solutions that will work. It's challenging work that is also super fun.


So, what does this look like for you?


As a singer, you'll experience a more technique-based lesson time. We will really get to the heart of the technique you have, analyze what's working and what needs to be tweaked, and work to build even better technique that can help your voice to be strong and reliable.


If you're a voice teacher looking to collaborate, this means that we chat and come up with a plan to bring me into your client's lessons in a way that allows us all to work together to meet that client's goals.

Scheduling for vocology sessions is different than my regular packages and will be customized for what you need. After an initial consult session, we'll decide together how we want to proceed, and I'll build a package just for you. Your voice is unique, and you deserve the best fit for your goals and life.

For further questions or to schedule your initial consult, please see my FAQ page or contact me.

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