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Dr. Heather R. Nelson, mezzo soprano, grew up in Jasper, Missouri, a small town near Joplin. She has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from Southwest Baptist University, a Master's in Vocal Performance from Truman State University, a Master's in Vocal Pedagogy from Missouri State University, and a PhD in Vocal Pedagogy and Music Education from the University of Kansas.


While in Kansas, Dr. Nelson focused on the detailed study of the anatomy and physiology of the voice, including neural processes that control singing and speech. Her dissertation focused on the relationship between acoustics, auditory reflexes, and singer behaviors. She completed an extensive clinical training practicum with a laryngologist in the Kansas City metro, and worked as a part of the voice care team to develop and implement treatment plans for singers and professional voice users diagnosed with vocal injuries. Dr. Nelson continues this work as a Singing Voice Specialist in the Springfield metro area.


Dr. Nelson has presented her research in voice science at over a dozen national and international conferences, and continues to build her line of research in vocal health and acoustics. Additionally, she is the Director of Worship at First Baptist Church in Republic, Missouri and an instructor at Play and Sing His Praises Academy.


When she is not singing, teaching, or writing, Dr. Nelson enjoys reading, cooking, and attending to every wish and whim of Dooey the Dog and Sis the Cat.

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