Dooey the Studio Dog

Also known as Doo, CockerPoodleDoo, The Dooster, and Baby Boy. He's almost 15 years old, and so he's got some challenges that come with age. He's deaf and his eye sight is getting more dim, but he still loves to greet clients and get pets. He sometimes gets startled when he can't see or hear us moving, though, so please be patient. His favorite things include cheese, rope toys, cheese, going on walks, cheese, and patrolling the yard. And cheese.

Sis the Studio Cat

Sis, also known as Persistence, Princess Picky Pants, and Little Girl, was a surprise addition to the family 8 years ago. Having started her life as a stray kitty, she's got the tenacity and stubbornness to plow her way through life like she owns the place. She is incontinent from an injury, and so occasionally you might notice some evidence of that disability around the house. She is also very private, preferring her own space, so you might not see her during sessions very much. She enjoys patrolling the yard, chicken, stealing Dooey's food, and snuggling on anything that is soft or crinkly. If it is soft and crinkly?? You've just made her little kitty heart so happy.

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