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You want the depth of a graduate degree in pedagogy, but you don't want to uproot your life to do it.

There's another way!

Individualized study with Your Personal Pedagogy Professor (that's me!) can get you rigorous graduate-level continuing education, personalized for exactly what you want to know, in your comfy pants. 

You can learn what you want to know without all the administrative hoops to jump through.
And no parking pass required. 

Plus, there's no guessing at how you'll actually use this information in your teaching. You'll get the knowledge and the application!

Let's say you want to start with some advanced physiology of the singing voice. Fantastic topic! Here's how we could move through a 10-week course:

First, choose your textbook. (How many times did you get to pick your own textbook in college??) And don't worry, I'll help you choose if you get stuck. We'll make a plan to get through the relevant parts of the book, or the whole dang thing, if you want. 
Choose an optional pedagogy text. This may not be necessary for what you want, but it can add another element to how we think through the technical information.
Work through a video playlist that can supplement the readings (actual videos for your course will be curated for what you personally need).
Read through some scholarly articles curated for the angle you're wanting to learn more about. Here are some examples. And don't worry if you don't know how to read journal articles yet. That's a skill that needs practice, and I can help.
You'll complete assignments that will strengthen your teaching, such as developing handouts for your students or visual aids to hang up in your studio. If you are interested, you can write papers to deepen your understanding. Any assignments given will be designed for your needs and how you learn best.
And I won't leave you hanging out there all alone. We'll meet together once a week to go over what you read, watch, and write so you can ask questions, get clarification, and be encouraged. 
We'll end the course with a final exam that you'll be totally prepared for, and you'll get a fancy, schmancy certificate of completion that you can hang up and show off to your clients. After all, you deserve to brag on yourself for your hard work!

You wanna get started??

You can!

You could start right now by choosing any of the resources above and going through it on your own. You'd learn a whole lot!

But if you want a guide and a motivator, having your own Personal Pedagogy Professor go through it with you is way more fun.

The first step is to schedule a Discovery Call with me to talk through the process, dream out loud, and see if we'd be a good fit. If we think we'll work together well, I'll send a proposal to you for your acceptance. Then you'll schedule you're first meeting and we'll be off! 

Because individualized programs are so highly curated, cost per course is based on your particular needs and goals. Registration fees start at $1,500 USD. Payment plans can be arranged, if needed. 

What else can you learn with Your Personal Pedagogy Professor?

So. Many. Things.

Some topics that you could learn this year include:
  • lifespan voice, like adolescent and older adult changes
  • music education for independent teachers
  • voice science
  • adaptive pedagogy for special learners
  • research skills for independent teachers
  • and more!
Do you want to learn something I don't teach? No problem! I'll point you in the right direction. The first step is to chat with me and let's make a plan to get you the continuing education you need in a way that fits your life and your business. Schedule your free call with me today!
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