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Membership Levels for Singers

These are the current offerings in the studio. Curious about what it means to be a member? Click here for more info.

         VIP All-Access


(enrollment is currently full—ask about the waiting list!)

  • Unlimited sessions per month at any time there is space available in the calendar, plus special accommodations for scheduling requests

  • Personalized notes and recordings from each session

  • All materials and supplied provided by the studio

  • Free access to all master classes and workshops

  • Free secret events open only to VIP members

  • Warm-up for gigs (free by Zoom or at the venue if in Springfield, in person outside of Springfield for a small fee based on travel)

  • Unlimited cancellations and reschedules

The Power Pro

  • Up to six 55-minute sessions per month at any time the studio is open and there is space on the calendar

  • Personalized notes and recordings from each session

  • All material and supplies provided by the studio

  • Master classes and workshops offered at a deeply discounted rate

  • Cancellations for any reason with reschedules allowed with 12 hours' notice

The Emerging Star

  • Four 55-minute sessions per month any time there is room on the schedule

  • Materials and supplies are the responsibility of the member

  • Master classes and workshops are offered at a discounted rate

  • Cancellations are allowed at any time for any reason, and reschedules allowed with 48 hours notice

On Tour

  • Asynchronous sessions at your convenience using an app like Marco Polo or Vox. You send me a question or a quick recording of your singing, and I respond giving you tips and technique

  • Feedback from me within one business day

  • These sessions can happen any time of day from anywhere in the world, wherever you're touring!

  • Perfect for singers who have trouble fitting a block of time into their schedule. These short back and forth communications can allow you to continuously move forward in your goals with the ultimate flexibility.

  • Unlimited messages

Not quite ready for a membership yet?

These add-on packages may be just what you need.

  • 55- or 85-minute drop-in sessions

  • Two session Laser Coaching, including two 85-minute sessions, perfect for audition prep

  • Four or eight session packages

Ready to get started?
The first step is to book a Discovery Call so we can talk about your dreams and goals. I can't wait to talk to you!
All memberships and packages are subject to studio terms and conditions.
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