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You've got a song in your soul.

Singing with Headphones
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For as long as you can remember, every hairbrush could turn into a microphone for nightly bedroom concerts.
Every trip in the car was really you on tour as you sang with the radio.

You've done high school choir. Church choir. Maybe even sung some solos and people have said you have a beautiful voice. You've maybe even taken a few voice lessons before, but now...
You wonder what you're really capable of, whether you could really be good at singing. Like, really good.

What would would it be like to feel completely confident in choir? What about singing solos again? Or maybe even branch out and try auditioning for some community theater shows?

What would it feel like to connect with a voice teacher who really gets you, and gets exactly what your voice needs? It's more than just singing to sound pretty. It's a deep soul need for joy and relaxation. What would it feel like to walk into a voice lesson and feel the joy and the peace breathing into your body, releasing stress and finding the fun?

Sure, singing is fun right now, but what if there's more?



It's time to be brave and see what's possible.


That's where I come in, my friend.

My dream is to help you achieve your dream.

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I use a unique mix of years of experience in teaching singing, a solid background in voice science and anatomy, and an endless supply of terrible jokes and puns to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.


This is not a cookie cutter studio.

This is a customized boutique experience where every session is catered to your needs and goals. With snacks. And fancy coffee.


It's like a spa visit for your voice.

We have fun. We work hard. You get to achieve your singing dreams (hairbrush microphone optional).

Let's find out if this is the right studio for you!

Book your free Discovery Call and let's talk about it.

I can't wait to see what you achieve!

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