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A guided workbook for church leadership and music ministers to help make wise and safe decisions regarding the music ministry. This digital file is an interactive PDF that you can type into, or you can print out to write out your answers. The last section of the workbook includes planning pages that allow you to make phased plans for the music ministry, including an information page that you can send right to your team. With nearly 100 pages of questions, planning guides, and resources, this workbook focuses right on the things that matter, saving time and brain space.

Church Music Planning Guide

  • A purchase includes one download of the file. The workbook is copyrighted and file sharing or making physical copies is prohibited, with two exceptions. One copy of the workbook may be split so a senior leadership member and a music ministry leader can use each secion. For multiple people to use beyond two leadership personnel, please purchase a copy for each individual. The second exception is the planning pages beginning on page 77, which may be copied as many times as necessary.

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