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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Welcome to my new blog! I hope to share some insights on new and continuing research, voice techniques, and life as a singer and teacher with you.

As I'm getting up and running, posts might be irregular. It is my hope, though, to be posting about once a week. Stay tuned, and subscribe if you'd like to be notified of future posts when they come out. And, of course, follow me on all the socials. It is my pleasure to serve you, dear singers, as you are looking for reliable information on the voice. May we all sing with joy today!

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Dr. Heather Nelson
Dr. Heather Nelson
Dec 11, 2018

Good question. I wondered if it would be an issue, but so far I hadn't had that happen. I'm trying to stay aware of it, though, and I'm willing to adjust if needed. However, I do think that as the field gets populated with more PhDs it will begin less and less of a possibility to be confused with MDs. Good to hear from you, Lucy!


Look forward to hearing more. Always learned from you. Do you ever have any people think you’re an MD? My family, all PhDs in English (one Comparative Literature), go by (my sister eg )“Margaret Ferguson, PhD” I would think especially in a field where there are MDs offering vocology advice you need to be transparent and clear. Not criticizing, just wondering.

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