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Summer Programs Aren't Just for Your Kids


This one is all for you!

Musical Mystery Mail is the summer program for ladies who want to have a little fun with singing and performing in a low-stress environment. 

Every two weeks starting June 1st, you'll get a letter in the mail with your mystery singing challenge.

You'll have two weeks to practice, and then you get to post your song to a private Facebook group to show off your skills! The last week we'll meet together on Zoom for a live Sip and Sing recital.

And don't worry if you're not tech savvy or think you're not "musical" enough. The challenges are easy enough to be tackled by anybody and needs only a cell phone and a good internet connection to complete. And anyone can join from anywhere in the world!


Groups will be limited, so signing up early is recommended.

Want to do this with a group of your friends? Let me know! I can set up a private group just for you! It's a great way for friends to hang out together, even if you live all over the country.

Fun with singing, hanging out with friends, AND mail that's not a bill? YEAH!


Click here for more info or to sign up.

The entire program is only $89 and includes everything mentioned maaaaybe a couple of surprises.

Ready to commit to yourself and have some fun?

Read the Terms and Conditions. (They're short, but important.)

Then sign up by clicking "Buy Now" below!

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