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For singers, changes in the voice can be confusing and scary. Navigating those changes takes patience and the guidance of a knowledgeable team of professionals. With nearly 20 years of experience teaching singing and specialized training in the anatomy and physiology of the voice, I am qualified to work alongside voice doctors, speech pathologists, and fellow voice teachers to help singers diagnosed with a vocal injury.  My advanced work in vocal mechanics helps me to understand how the voice works and develop individualized regimens for strengthening the vocal muscles, refining technique, and building confidence in singers.

Each initial consultation includes vocalizing, discussion of concerns, and a review of the client's goals. Afterward, each client can expect individualized attention to address his or her specific areas of concern. Most clients benefit best with weekly sessions until goals have been achieved. Cooperation with the client's current voice teacher is encouraged.

Because each voice is unique and vocal injuries can be complex, it is possible that some clients will experience more difficulty than others. I cannot promise full recoveries for every client. However, I can guarantee compassion, understanding, and a dedication to helping each singer find the best voice they have and to guide them to use it with joy and skill.

Sessions are $50 per hour. Initial consultations must be prepaid when scheduled. Subsequent sessions are subject to the client policy statement.

To ask questions or schedule a consultation, contact me.

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