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Vocology Consultations

For singers, changes in the voice can be confusing and scary. Navigating those changes takes patience and the guidance of a knowledgeable team of professionals. I've spent years training and learning how to help you through the rehabilitation process. (If you're a teacher looking for info for your student, click here.)

Our first step is to meet together for an initial consultation so you can tell me your history and your goals. We'll spend some time singing and vocalizing (no perfect sounds required!) and planning action steps you can start taking immediately toward your goals.

Because each voice is unique and vocal injuries can be complex, it is possible that some clients will experience more difficulty than others. I cannot promise full recoveries for every client. However, I can guarantee compassion, understanding, and a dedication to helping each singer find the best voice they have and to guide them to use it joyfully.

After the initial consult, I will customize a package specifically for you.

To ask questions or schedule a consultation, contact me.

Voice Lessons Springfield Missouri
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