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Musical Worship at Home

Why aren't we singing in church??
I'll bet that since you're visiting this webpage, you're missing singing together with your fellow worshipers in church. I miss that, too, but I want you to know that you can still make music at home, and it can be fun and musically rich.
Here are some ideas for you to try:
1. These online playlists are full of songs that you can sing along with. Many of the videos also have the lyrics, so you can sing along even if the songs aren't all familiar yet. Click on the line you want, and you'll be directed to a YouTube playlist:
Contemporary Worship Songs
Southern Gospel Songs
Classic Hymns
2. Make your own instruments! This can be especially fun for families with kiddos, but even more...ahem...mature worshipers can find this fun. Click on this link to be taken to a Pinterest board full of ideas for ways to make instruments with things you can find in your own house.
3. Write your own psalm. Psalms are a literary form, and you can write your own! These links will take you to blogs that give ideas and guidance.
Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3
4. Sing familiar songs from your childhood. In hard times, it can be healthy and cathartic to remind ourselves of when times were simpler. The songs you learned when you were a kid may bring comfort to you now. Plus, so many of them contain such profound truth that can help remind us of the goodness of God. Yes, Jesus does love me.
5. Talk to a friend and ask them what his or her favorite song is, and then learn it! Now is a great time to expand your musical horizons and learn new songs. Search for the title of the song to find the lyrics online, or maybe a video of a performance. You just might find a new favorite.

Your voice matters to God!

He delights to hear the voice He created worshiping Him.

Every note you sing is precious!

Have more ideas you think need to be shared? Send them to me! We can help each other stay connected in worship. Blessings to you!

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