You are an amazing voice teacher.

You've got a growing studio and you are helping your students achieve their dreams. You've built a great life and you are looking forward to the future.

But you also have dreams of your own. Dreams that you've had to set aside while building your business and your life. You have thought so many times about going back to school for a graduate degree, but it never seems like the right time. You've got a home and commitments that make going back to school really, really difficult. And you're not even sure if being in a university program is the best fit anyway. All those hoops to jump through and the classes that were required but really didn't help. Plus the money. Education is expensive.

And so you put that dream back on the shelf for a while. Maybe one day. 

For now, you read books and attend webinars and other online courses. It's good information, but it's not as deep as you want to go. There's no way a two-hour webinar can get into all the intricacies in the singing voice! But THAT'S what you want to know. You want to go into a deep, deep dive, like what you might get from a semester-long class (without the papers to write) from a knowledgeable and passionate teacher. The kind of teacher that makes you look forward to class! 

Friend, I've got you. I know exactly how invigorating and inspiring learning about the singing voice can be. I went aaaaaaall in, getting a PhD in voice science and vocal pedagogy, and I'm still utterly fascinated by the miracle of the human voice. And I want to help you learn what I learned!

I'm your Personal Pedagogy Professor, ready to answer your questions and direct you to the kind of learning that not only scratches that learning itch, but makes a difference in your teaching. After all, formants are cool and everything, but what do you DO with that information??